Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2016

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Have a quick look at our Drag and Drop comparison chart underneath to discover the best 10 helmets around. Great helmets for all prices that meet DOT, SNELL and ECE standards, with all its key features revealed for you.

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Best Motorcycle Helmets 2016

Name/Image: Brand:Rating:DOT/SNELL/ECE/SHARP:Weight:Ventilation :Noise:Fitting:Special Features:Price:




  • ARAI Vector 2ARAI Vector 2
  • AGV K3 AGV K3
  • SHOEI QwestSHOEI Qwest
  • Nolan N104 Evo Solid HelmetNolan N104 Evo Solid Helmet
  • 6D Maze6D Maze
  • NITRO AikidoNITRO Aikido
  • NOLAN N44 Trilogy Modular Motorcycle HelmetNOLAN N44 Trilogy Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  • LS2 Strobe Modular Helmet LS2 Strobe Modular Helmet

ARAI Vector 2

ARAI5 Star Average Rating YES/YES/YES/-3 pounds5/55/55/5Superwide eyeport. Outstanding Ventilation system~450$View HelmetRead the Full Review


AGV5 Star Average Rating YES/YES/YES/4*3 pounds5/54.5/54.5/5Quick faceshield removal system. Chinbar ventilation ports.~180-220$View HelmetRead the Full Review


SHOEI5 Star Average Rating YES/YES/YES/5*3.7 pounds4/55/55/55* SHARP Rating. Pinlock system~350$View HelmetRead the Full Review

Nolan N104 Evo Solid Helmet

NOLAN5 Star Average Rating YES/No/YES/4*4.8 pounds5/54/55/5Ultrawide ViewfieldNear 400$View HelmetRead the Full Review


SHOEI4.5 Star Average Rating YES/No/YES/4*4 pounds5/54.5/54.5/5Pinlock anti-fog system. Sunshield that protects from 99%of UV rays.~600-700$View HelmetRead the Full Review

6D Maze

6DHelmets5 Star Average Rating YES/YES/YES/-4 pounds5/54.5/55/5ODS ( Omni-Directional Suspension )~600$View HelmetRead the Full Review

NITRO Aikido

NITRO5 Star Average Rating YES/YES/YES/5*3.3 pounds4/54/55/55* SHARP. ACU GOLD~120$View HelmetRead the Full Review


SHARK4.5 Star Average Rating YES/no/YES/-3 pounds5/54/54.5/5Anti-fog, anti-scratch visor. Quick release goggle system.~250-300$View HelmetRead the Full Review

NOLAN N44 Trilogy Modular Motorcycle Helmet

NOLAN4.5 Star Average Rating YES/No/YES/-3.8 pounds5/54.5/54.5/5Ultrawide viewfield.~350$View HelmetRead the Full Review

LS2 Strobe Modular Helmet

LS24.5 Star Average Rating YES/No/YES/-4 pounds4.5/54/54.5/5Sun shield.~150$View HelmetRead the Full Review

TOP 10 Helmets:

1. ARAI Vector 2

arai vector 2 best motorcycle helmetArai keeps things simple and effective. The Vector 2 offers great visibility (way above average) which increases safety, great ventilation, and lower noise levels than the other helmets aspiring to rank #1.

It is DOT certified, SNELL approved and it meets Europe’s ECE 22.5.

It’s very lightweight, as little as 3 pounds.

This is a top notch helmet, with great ventilation, fitting and safety test results. It’s kept down to the simplest yet highest end form of a helmet.

Arai presents a helmet that could easily be rated as the #1 best motorcycle helmet at just 450$ when the competitors range up to 700$. Definitely a smart purchase.

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2. SHOEI Qwest.

shoei qwest full face helmetLooks like the battle for the #1 is leaded by Japanese brands, and that’s no surprise. SHOEI brings to the table this absolutely amazing helmet and there’s no way to overlook it.

DOT, SNELL and ECE 22.5 plus 5*SHARP rating for this helmet. WOW.  They’ve achieved that with several interwoven layers of fiberglass on the shell.

It is an extremely quiet helmet, with which you will need to go up to 120mph to start feeling real wind noise.

 It is still pretty lightweight with just 3.7 pounds.

The extra sweet spot is the pinlock antifog system. It works great, ensuring no foggy visor under any circumstances.

For 350$ it is super hard to beat! 

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3. AGV K3.

Valentino Rossi’s choice,agv k3 continents AGV, presents a 4* SHARP rating helmet that comes ready to rock the circuit.

Aggresive looks for a super safe helmet that offers outstanding ventilation and reduced noise levels thanks to the exhaust ports located on the back of the helmet.

Removable padding, antifog visor and extra chinbar ventilation ports are some of the nice features this helmet’s got.

It costs 180$ in its basic color scheme and 220$ on the super fancy Continents version (displayed). There are many more graphics on this helmets so you actually have a huge variety to choose from, making it a top helmet if you want to wear a unique helmet.

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4. NITRO Aikido

The Aikido got a 5* SHARP rating and ACU Gold medal after its release. Initro aikido full face helmett is aswell DOT certified and SNELL certified. Considering the helmet is just 120$ it is a sick option.

The fiberglass shell offers outstanding resistance against shock and penetration, aswell as huge G-force absorption, reducing the chances of suffering a concussion on impact.

The interior liner, designed by DuPont, is fully removable and washable.

If I have to find it a downside, its eyeport is narrower than other helmets’.

For 120$ it makes it straight into the top 10 for its safety performance and comfortable fitting.

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5. SHOEI Neotec

neotec law enforcement

Considered by many the best modular motorcycle helmet, the Neotec had to be on this list. Rated 4*SHARP and DOT certified.

It performs to the very highest level. Its aerodynamic design reduces the wind noise and the wind resistance, which will dramatically reduce the fatigue on your neck and shoulders after a long highway trip.

The exhaust vents on the back work twofold, both aerodynamically and providing superb ventilation on the inside, ensuring that your head feels nice and fresh.

The pinlock antifog system will guarantee you 100% fog free rides. The anti-scratch visor also eliminates 99% of the UV rays.

The chin bar goes up with just one button that is easy to activate even with thick winter gloves, and doing so will automatically close the face shield.

Inside padding is made of double layered EPS, offering outstanding absorption of impact, ventilation and extra comfortable fitting. It is worth every single penny.

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6. Nolan N104 Evo

Nolan n104 modular motorcycle helmet

Whilst the Neotec is the undisputed #1 modular helmet, there is a way to go down nearly 200$ in price without having to sacrifice 200$ worth of quality. And that’s the Nolan N104.

It is also 4*SHARP and DOT approved.

It comes with Microlock2, which consists of a plastic ergonomic opening lever, and of a second aluminum toothed and holding lever.

The cheek pads, inner liner and neck roll are removable and washable.

An extra-wide eyeport and extremely comfortable fitting makes this Nolan a serious contender on the modular section.

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7. Nolan N44 Trilogy.

This is a helmet from the future.

Honestly, look at it. The guys at Nolan went crazy and decided to create a Nolan N44 Trilogy Modular Motorcycle Helmethelmet that offers the same viewfield of a 3/4 helmet but is as safe as any full face helmet. 

It looks incredibly cool with the futuristic eyeport and chinbar and that vent on the top that is designed to create a Venturi effect inside the helmet, keeping your head fresh and lowering the noise levels.

You can configurate the helmet in 6 different ways, playing with the removable chinbar and the extra peak.

The shell is made of two layers of injected polycarbonate, making it superlightweight. The interior padding is nice and the fitting is snug.

All the modular and movable pieces feel incredibly solid and well produced, giving an overall feeling of great quality and superior ending.

For the money it is an amazing helmet.

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8. LS2 Strobe Modular.

But what if you don’t want to speLS2 STROBE MODULAR MOTORCYLE HELMETnd 400$ but still want a great helmet? Then here you’ve got the Strobe.

The Spanish manufacturer LS2 comes with this entry level modular helmet that offers incredible quality for the little money it costs: less than 150$!

They are so confident that they offer a 5-year warranty on pieces and workmanship.

The fitting is great, shaped for an Intermediate Oval, it fits snug and comfortable (IF your head shape is an intermediate oval!)

The front flip piece is easily activated with just one button even with thick gloves. The sunshield offers great UV protection.

Removable and washable interior liner to ensure that it feels as fresh as the first day. The shell is made of an HTPP Composit that is aerodynamic and superlightweight. This helmet is DOT certified.

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9. 6D Maze.

6d maze dirt bike helmet

If you are looking for the best dirt bike helmet, search no more, this is the one. It is also one of the best motorcycle helmets ever made in general terms.

6Dimensions is a helmet manufacturer that has developed a unique safety system.

It is called the Omni-Directional Suspension and consists of tiny pieces that fit between the shell and the padding, that will absorb the low-threshhold energy on an impact

This dramatically reduces the risk of concussion caused by the quick decelleration of masses inside the skull.

The shell is made of aerospacial carbon fiber, fiberglass and kevlar composite. Incredibly resistant and energy absorbing, resulting on a extremely lightweight helmet that exceeds DOT and ECE standards by far.

The exclusive Air Gap cooling system incorporates 13 interior transfer ports, 8 intake ports, and 5 exhaust ports. Ventilation in this helmet is 5*. Internal liner is fully removable and washable and it is antimicrobial and antibacterial.

The overall quality of the materials and the amount of time spent on creating this helmet is absolutely mind blasting.

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shark raw 3/4 helmet

The SHARK RAW is one of the MOST BADASS MOTORCYCLE HELMETS that is DOT approved.

The shell is made of a thermoplastic resin and the inside is made of natural fibers giving it a nice, fresh feeling with good ventilation thanks to the big airport on the superior side.

The fitting is snug and comfortable. It is lightweight and aerodynamic, and surprisingly quiet for a helmet with its features.

The goggles have a thick soft tape around that ensure perfect fitting with no gap around.

You can quickly detach the googles and the face mask with just one button. The visor is anti fog and antiscratch and the mask offers extra protection against debris, insects and harsh weather conditions.

SHARK offers a 5-year warranty for this awesome, badass looking helmet that will get you all the looks.

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Top 5 World’s Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

1. Arai

Best helmet brand Arai motorcycle helmets

Stablished in 1926, the Japanese brand Arai is the chosen brand for Moto GP riders Dani Pedrosa and Nicky Hayden The Kentucky Kidamong many other figures from the motorworld such as F1 drivers Jenson Button, Kamui Kobayashi, Max Chilton, Sergio Pérez and Sebastian Vettel.

Every single Arai helmet is hand-built and every model sold in the United States is SNELL approved. Year after year since 10 years ago, Arai has ranked #1 on customer satisfaction at the JD Power annual Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Studies.

2. Shoei

shoei logo motorcycle helmet best brand

Shoei, despite being one of the most acclaimed helmet brands with over 50 years of experience, remains still a small company with less than 500 employees.

They were the first guys to introduce Kevlar and Carbon fiber on motorcycle helmets when there were other big brands out there. Innovation and incredible quality is what Shoei excels for.

Two times Moto GP champion Marc Marquez owns his life to a Shoei helmet. On 2013 the rider was involved in Moto GP’s Fastest Crash in history, at 209 mph (336 km/h)

In 2010 they released the Shoei Qwest. One of the best sport touring helmets ever made.

3. AGV


Most notably known by being Moto GP Champion Valentino Rossi’s helmet choice since his early days in 125cc. The italian manufacturer started its journey in 1947.

Since then, it’s been worn by legends as Formula One world champions Niki Lauda and Emerson Fittipaldi.

Every AGV helmet sold in the US is DOT certified, while most of them also are ECE 22.05 certified and count with 4 and 5* SHARP ratings.

Check the AGV K3, one of our top 10 helmets.

4. Bell

bell helmets logo

This Iconic brand is renowned by its amazing designs, where old-school shapes meet the latest technology.

Bell produces awesome helmets for ATV’s but also gorgeous cafe racer style helmets in both full face and 3/4.

The american manufacturer started with autoparts in 1923 and would later in 1954 start the production of helmets. More than 70 years later, they are at the very top of the charts due to their magnific helmets.

Bell is also intensely involved in safety. Their was the first helmet ever to pass the SNELL test. It has a long history of contributing to bicycle and wheel-related safety programs sponsored by Safe Kids USA and in 2004 began providing “Safe Kids Ready to Roll” kits to Safe Kids USA coalitions to aid them in public safety instruction

5. Nolan

nolan logo

Another Italian manufacturer closes this top 5 list. Established in 1973, they are 2 times Moto GP world champion Casey Stoner’s choice.

Famous for their innovative, surprising designs and their obssesion for perfection, every Nolan helmet is produced in-house and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Luckly, Nolan keeps all riders in mind and they don’t just only sell top-of-the line $$$$ helmets but also some incredibly good helmets at much more affordable rates. They are very well known for their Modular helmets.

So now you know which are the best brands and the best helmets around. Great!

But you only have 1 head and probably your head and mine are different… and so should our helmets be. It is worthless to know a lot about the helmets if you don’t know all the other factors involved. You might buy a top notch 700$ helmet just to find out that it doesn’t fit you well.

So to help you out picking the RIGHT helmet for you, I composed the definitive resource, an all-you-need-to-know guide to buy the perfect helmet. Enter the guide: